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welcome to socialhams
the real social network for ham radio operators
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Today we have released two new functions for your enjoyment. / Ab heute stehen zwei neue Funktion für Dich zur Verfügung.
50 days ago
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qrv in D-Star am Repeater OE6XDG 145.700 MHz
17 hours ago
APRS mobile tests - via APRS
18 hours ago
good morning...running my DV Dongle here at work - via APRS
2 days ago
Welcome to the ON1PV Social Hams website !
9 days ago
Back @home from his sweden trip ... - via APRS
11 days ago
Latest Documents
1 p.
Lid worden van MLB ? Gebruik dit formulier.
41 p.
Yaesu CPU-2500R user manual in English
4 p.
APRS UiView Software Screen SHOTS for DigiPeater Configuration
3 p.
06-12-14 10:35
How to set the jumpers on a Signalink
14 p.
06-12-14 10:31
Signalink SL1+   Installation & Oparation   english
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15 hours ago
The PDF contains useful "commands" (compiled by DF8LS) for various APRS services. Further updates will be available at http://df8ls.de/documents/APRS-Queries.pdf
23 hours ago
2 days ago
5 days ago
enhanced-radio-devices.myshopify.com — HamShield 2m/1,25m/70cm transceiver fully funded by kickstarter Read description here  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/749835103/hamshield-for-arduino-vhf-uhf-transceiver Pre order here https://e…
5 days ago
26. July 2015. Finally, one modest temperature day came after two weeks of very hot weather in Serbia. I saw it as an opportunity to visit mountains and test slowly but steady gathered equipment for outdoors ham radio activities. I decided to spend nice day activating highest peak of mountain Zlatib…
9 days ago
10 days ago
10 days ago
18.07.2015. was set by meteorologists to be very hot day. That meant for me that I had to get away from city. My XYL requested that it has to be somewhere near cooling water. So we decided for canyon of Veliki Rzav, location near Roge village in vicinity of my city – Užice. You cannot do much better…
14 days ago
The event will be on July 25, 2015. We will be operating on all the bands 2 meters-160 meters. We will have a special event certificate. More info please visit my page on socialhams.net.     73
10 days ago
Palacete Los Monreau, Moca, Puerto Rico
18 days ago
Udo added several QSOs to continent Europe
23 days ago
Udo added several QSOs to continent Asia
23 days ago
South America
Udo added several QSOs to continent South America
23 days ago
Udo added 3 QSOs to continent Africa
23 days ago
North America
Udo added several QSOs to continent North America
23 days ago
Ordinary amateur radio Packet Radio is not well adapted to the characteristics of the HF range. A new, robust variant of this mode has features, which attempt to mitigate these characteristics. Robus…
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28 days ago
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