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Chirp: IARU R1 repeaters and simplex channel list

Chirp is awesome little open source application which allows hams to easily set frequency memories on their rigs. It supports number of rigs from high end all band devices to cheap walkie-talkies. Chirp successfully replaces manufacturers rig programming software and in many cases outperforms them.

I am giving you here CSV list of IARU region 1 frequencies for VHF and UHF repeaters and simplex channels in CSV format compatible with Chirp.


How to use

1. Download CHIRP-IARU-R1-VHF-UHF-repeaters-simplex.csv (78) to your local disk

2. Connect your rig to computer and download current memory settings from it (Alt+D).

3. Save downloaded data as backup.

4. Load CHIRP-IARU-R1-VHF-UHF-repeaters-simplex.csv (78)
– Open File/Open (Ctrl+O)
– Change Files of Type to CSV files
– Browse to directory where you saved CHIRP-IARU-R1-VHF-UHF-repeaters-simplex.csv (78) and select and Open file.

5. Switch to Tab named „Generic:CHIRP-IARU-R1-VHF-UHF-repeaters-simplex.csv“

6. Select needed memories and copy them (Ctrl+C)

7. Switch back to tab where are memories you downloaded from rig. Paste new data (Ctrl+V) where you want it.

8. When everything is set as needed, upload data to your rig (Alt+U).


If you do not use Chirp already, then check its site:

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