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Time to Get Outdoors

   Yesterday it was 80 degrees(Fahrenheit)  and sunny here in northeast Missouri. Today it's 60 degrees and rainy. Whatever Mother Nature brings to me, it's still that time of the year when I'm ready to be outdoors most all the time. As challenging as it is to have a dog leash in each had with a Jack Russell on one leash and a Rat Terrier mix on the other, I somehow manage to take my handheld ham radio with me.

   Usually it's clipped to my belt, sometimes in my pocket. Sometimes, I have my Alinco 2m with me. Most of the time, I have my Baofeng with me. Not that I like the Baofeng better than my Alinco, but the Baofeng can operate on 2m and 70cm. It's also my go to radio when the power goes out simply because I can pick up local radio stations with it and it has little light bult into the end of it.  Once I get some money, I'll probably get a Yaseu or Kenwood handheld dual band handheld. For now, I'm happy with what I have.

   On the next sunny day, I'll get my Yaseu FT817 set up at the fairgrounds. I'll have a dipole up in a tree. I may spend a few hours trying to make a few QRP contacts. The main thing for me is that I'm getting outside enjoying the nice weather and enjoying one of my hobbies.

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  •  OE8APR: 

    I also have a Baofeng and really like it for mountain hiking. There was also a raffel here at socialhams 2 years ago where one could win a Baofeng too. Whats the exact model of yours?

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    •  KD0UNV: 

      I think it is a 5vr

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      •  OE8APR: 

        Think it should be a UV5R, thats that one that I own. I really liked the GT-3 Mark 2 that @KB2SBX won in the raffle. Its fantastic how much you can get for that less money.

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    Since this is my first blog post here on this site, if you would like to read any more of my blogs, just go to . I look forward to posting more blogs here on Social Hams!

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Hello everyone! Hope everone is doing well.
20.04.2017 (1744 days ago)
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