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   Yesterday it was 80 degrees(Fahrenheit)  and sunny here in northeast Missouri. Today it's 60 degrees and rainy. Whatever Mother Nature brings to me, it's still that time of the year when I'm ready to be outdoors most all the time. As challenging as it i
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Chirp is awesome little open source application which allows hams to easily set frequency memories on their rigs. It supports number of rigs from high end all band devices to cheap walkie-talkies. Chirp successfully replaces manufacturers rig programming s
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So i made the order. I already own an Icom IC-7300 but nevertheless ordered an FT-991A.  But when ordered the company told me that it must be ordered from the UK. So please wait a while with Brexit! :)  But some thing i cannot figure out. With DMR you need
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Does anyone here know how to configue their Yaesu FT-897D  for using the new WSJT-X  FT8 digital mode?   I've read the operators manual and searched the web for videos to help me configure the settings in WSJT-X  FT8 and I still can't make it work.   Thank
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Spiderpole 12m made by Spiderbeam is very useful for portable ham radio activities. To do the job it must be properly anchored. This pole may be anchored at the bottom (at about height of the first element) which allows it to withstand wind speed of abut 8
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After few years of sitting on top of my apartment building I decided to bring my Dunax GPN-4B antenna down for repair as top capacitive hat was broken. I found out that there actually no technical details about fixing it. So I went through some work of gat
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Antenna analyzer like MFJ-259, MFJ-225, MiniVNA and similar may be used as simple grid dip meter for measuring coils, traps and capacitors. All you need is grid dip meter adapter coil which you may buy (costs for MFJ adapter set is about 30 USD) or make it
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March 24th. Year 1999. The very end of the 20th Century. With the nightfall strange sounds were heard in the sky and at 19:45 – explosions. Bomb fell on Yugoslavia, small sovereign country in Central Europe. One word is on everyone mind – WAR! Full artic
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