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Longwire antenna

Hi everybody,

  I was thinking to add a longwire antenna (160M - 6M) to my farm and wondering what will be best build one or buy a ready made one (Chamaleon Emcomm II). Also I'm not sure what unun to use some say 9:1 some 4:1 and others 1:1. Any elmer or ham that built one already to help? Thanks.







Hi Mario,

  Thanks for your help, the monoband dipole is not a bad idea and no tuner needed makes it even better, what kind of UNUN should I use in this case?



Stefano, IU0DFT

¨what kind of UNUN should I use in this case?¨


A BalUn would be used between coaxial cable and a Dipole antenna., not an UnUn.

Don't forget , even though a 40 meter dipole can work on 15 meters as well , it will not have the same directional characteristics (lobe patterns) as when used on 40.

In ALL antennas that are easy , or offer some free bonus , there are always negative aspects.

There are no free rides when it comes to antenna design ,, the laws of physics makes sure of that.




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