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Scooter Portable !!

Hello Guy's,

I'am member since begin of this website,

My name is Mark licensed since 2009 with NOVICE license, I'm busy with study to get the Full-License ;-)

My call is : PDØMV

I'm created at 05-11-1991 my age at the moment is 23 years old and 7 mounths.

I like portable activations in the field ! , sometimes I going on my scooter to a field or beach with my portable equipment for a portable activation.


FT-817ND QRP Rig, Longwire 9m long with 1:9balun , Fishingpole 9m too. Power supply from my scooter 12v 7 amps per hour.


The Scooter is an Kymco Super 8  with an 4 stroke engine :-) unleaded95 fuel is good enough sometimes V-power from shell but not always to expensive.

Water Enough on this place maybe a second time on my 1:9 balun a counterpoise on balun and the another side of this counterpoise in water :-) for a good ground, this water is not salt :-( but good enough for a better grounding.

I have also a Portable QRZ page !!


Enjoy the hobby 

vy 73 de PDØMV

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