The sun is rising as you see this suspicious person approaching fast to you..

'You arriving - a little late i think..'

You dont know already what you should answer - only short time ago you received this letter signed with GvC:

#ff0000;">'Codename Dragonsquest: Have important will be very interested- GvC' - with this meetingpoint.

'Here' -Geofried you call him for yourself - gives you a thin map...some pictures with numbers on it - also a list with coordinates as you recognize with a short view on it.

Another letter interests you: UTM 33T E 400000 A C F G I K M N Q / N 5315555 B D E H J L O P

With another view to the coordslist you see that they also have letters assigned.

'I see you already have some intentions- look on the map: This points seems to circle around the borders of Pons Veckelahe . Around 23km and 400m altitude - so hurry up'

GvC seems to go away ...the a short turn: 'Mostly you have to travel on your feet - so pack your travelingbag good'

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