A cache dedicated to the Trakiya highway in Bulgaria.

The Trakiya highway is part of the road network of Bulgaria. It is the oldest Bulgarian highway: its construction has been started in the mid 1970-ies. Just short of four decades later 360 of its projected 443 km are completed. The rest - from Sofia to Serbia - have been conveniently forgotten by the populist politicians and will not be built at all. This makes it one of the greatest wonders of the socialist-capitalist labour in Bulgaria. Numerous corruption scandals have emerged over the years but so far there are no convictions.

There is only one place in Europe with worse road infrastructure than Bulgaria, and it is... Sofia.

It is easier to reach the cache location by getting off the highway with your car, even if coming from Sofia. Getting back on it is possible for both directions.

© BorPetVlad,, CC-BY-NC-ND, as of 09/07/2016; all log entries © their authors

Log entries
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    438.700MHz LZ0SMN
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  •  LZ2RKG: 
    438.700MHz LZ0SMN
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  •  LZ2RKG: 
    438.700MHz LZ0SMN
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Cache nameTrakiya highway
TerrainNOT suitable for small children
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