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Some details, this is running a Gentoo arm system, cross-compiled using a qemu-user chroot environment.
The Maximite is a small and versatile computer running a full featured BASIC interpreter with 128K of working memory.
Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new technique that is boosting processor performance by an average of more than 20 percent.
I’ve got some bad and good news about manufacturing. The bad news is that it’s taking a little longer than we’d hoped, because the factory had some trouble sourcing a specific component.
Raspberry Pis started being made a couple of days ago, but I was forbidden to tell you about it until signed contracts and receipts for payment had arrived – it’s been killing me.
Well, well, well, what have we here? Hackers have gained access to internal documents from the Indian Military -> RIM, Nokia, and Apple have added backdoors to their mobile software
Samuel Morse had packed over two miles of wire into the building, attempting to demonstrate to the public that his strange new invention could be used to transmit messages over long distances.
M.I.T. has just announced it is expanding its list of free online courses anyone can take.

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