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This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of a home computer built and operated more than a decade before 'official' home computers arrived on the scene.
Atlas 5 launch complications delaying CubeSat deployment.
Amateur Radio CubeSats to launch from Vandenberg, CA, USA
A 24-hour test helped local ham radio operators hone emergency skills and, in the blink of an eye, they were put to the test at the Waldo Canyon Fire.
Vom 22. bis 24. Juni zeigt der DARC auf einer der weltgrößten Amateurfunkmessen in Friedrichshafen den Reiz der digitalen Kommunikation.
Vom 22. bis 24. Juni zeigt der DARC auf der HAM RADIO das komplette Spektrum des Amateurfunks. Im Vordergrund stehen Technik und Trends der digitalen Kommunikation.
Great article from the ARRL Youth Editor and one of your fellow Socialhams, Sterling Coffey N0SSC
Heathkit Educational Systems seems to have closed its doors
Der digitale Amateurfunk setzt sich in den Shacks beziehungsweise in den Stationen der Funkamateure immer stärker durch.
TEENAGERS are making waves at a new Hebburn-based radio club. The North East Amateur Radio Club meets at Wardles Bar in Albert Street, Hebburn, between 7pm and 9pm each Monday.
Did you know that several amateur radio enthusiasts took part in Wednesday disaster drill exercise throughout Eastern Idaho?
Innovationen im Rundfunk sto­ßen schon immer auf hef­tige Ablehnung. Bereits zum Start des Fernsehens hat der dama­lige Bundestagspräsident an den NWDR-Intendanten ein Telegramm geschickt.
“Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.”
I’m just back from ESC/DESIGN West, which was last week in San Jose. The conference held a very low-key meet-and-greet with students in engineering programs.
Eight Lucas County Hospitals are receiving a total of 12 upgraded two-way radios for emergency communications.

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