On August 2, 2012 an Atlas V rocket will launch a combination of 11 satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California for the US Government and NASA ELaNa university CubeSats.

The primary mission will launch a pair of US Navy Ocean Surveillance Satellites (NOSS). These satellites carry equipment to track ships and aircraft by triangulation of radio transmissions. The two NOSS satellites have a combined weight of 6500 kg. They will separate a few days after being placed into a 1100 km circular orbit at 63° inclination.

This is the first Atlas V launch with modified helium tanks in the Centaur upper stage. The change has created room in the aft skirt to accommodate 8 P-POD dispensers for CubeSats. This launch carries 11 CubeSats, to be released into 470 x 770 km, 63° orbit about 3 hours after launch and following maneuvers by the Centaur upper stage.

NASA ELaNa Launch and Deployment

3 P-Pods will carry 4 CubeSats as the NASA sponsored “ELaNa VI” cluster:

(1) CINEMA (CubeSat for Ion, Neutral, Electron, Magnetic fields)

Uplink uses a serial connection with a data rate of 9600 bps.

Downlinks for engineering telemetry and command are in the 2400-2450 MHz range; Science telemetry is in 2200-2300 MHz range.

1 Mbps data rate, Reed-Solomon encoded bit stream.

(2) CSSWE (Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment)

Downlink 437.345 MHz, 9k6 with AX25

(3) CP5 (PolySat)

Downlink 437.405 MHz at 1 watt, AFSK on LSB AX.25 over NRZI at 1200 bps, every 2 minutes, begins 3.5 hours after first turn-on

(4) CXBN (Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosatellite)

Downlink 437.525 MHz, GFSK, AX.25

Source: http://www.southgatearc.org

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