Each year NADARS provides it's 'Demonstration Marque' where you will see live amateur radio stations in contact with amateurs all over the world using voice, Morse code and data communications. We have also had demonstrations of 'Air Traffic Control' radar systems where you can see in real time exactly what aircraft are flying over southern England.


For 2012 we may run our international contest station again - NADARS is very successful at winning many contests. Come and see some of the contest team in action, complete with their impressive trailer mounted tower with contest antennas, great transceivers and contest logging software, etc!

In addition there has been a place where you could bring your own equipment and have it tested by very experienced engineers who give you a clear answer to just how well your transmitter or receiver is working (and even helping to make adjustments to improve it if possible!!).

Also, there have been a number of national societies who have previously displayed (hopefully returning in 2012) including:

  • Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society
  • Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society
  • Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society
  • Chiltern DX Club
  • And other organisations and clubs all displaying their special interests

The Newbury Radio Rally really is 'the one not to be missed' and ensures a great day out for everyone.

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