As you may already have noticed, we did some improvements over the whole platform.

First of all we now have a fully responsive design that should work for all mobile devices. There may be some glitches that needs to be adressed over time but all in all it should be pretty useable already.

We introduced some new features like:

  • #Hashtags and @Mentions like known from Twitter
  • Chat+ module - a fully HTML5 based A/V chat system with WebRTC based on RocketChat
  • OAuth Server module - a really exciting foundation for decentralizing socialhams (this is one of our main visions for the future)
  • Timeline: "Repost" and "Like" feature
  • Timeline: notifications for "Like" and "Repost" timeline actions
  • Timeline: display URL thumbnail for "share URL" Timeline action

Next, we're continuing the bug-squashing crusade. We've got rid of 110 of them pesky pugs and hope to catch some more during our on-going development.

Beside this actual improvements, there is the already announced APRS Caching project. Just give it a try and make sure you have read the promotion and introduction.

Here are some links to this topic:
English: APRS Caching Promotion, APRS Caching Introduction
German: APRS Caching Promotion, APRS Caching Einführung

We would love to see you guys giving feedback on all that stuff, thanks in advance!

vy 73 de Andreas


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