Since there was not much participation to the APRS Caching promotion, I have changed the plan a little bit.

Only 3 socialhams members had participated to the promotion of APRS Caching. Due to that I really want to send out big greetings to those fellow hams.

Namely this 3 APRS Cachers are:

  • OE7JVT who has contributed two APRS Caches, Find the Amarok and Through the valley
  • DO1SIL who has contributed the APRS Cache Mobiler Cache in Berlin & Brandenburg
  • ON3GPS who has sucessfully logged the APRS Cache Find the Amarok

Because the participation was so low I am going to give that gift to you that you would love to use. So please, Georg, Silvio and Pieter get in contact with me and tell me what gadget you would like to get.

To remind on what gadgets are available, have a look at

And now? What's next?

As you may already have seen, I am importing the whole OpenCaching database into the APRS Caching system. I am not just importing it one time, I am using the OpenCaching OkApi to maintain the OC data in socialhams database. So every change that is done to the OC Caches is also syncronized with socialhams database. This is going to be awesome for all the active GeoCachers under you. If you are on the way to find some GeoCache, you have now to make sure that you bring an APRS-ready device with you to log your GeoCache finds to the APRS Caching database. This is just like killing two birds with one stone ;)

The import of the OC database should be finished in the next few days. Anyway, you can already log the existing ones!

To get the caches to your GPS navigation device you can easily export the caches in GPX format with the export function at

I hope you love this addition to the APRS Caching project and have fun logging some caches!

vy 73 de Andreas


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