The project is moving into the right direction. The CMS developers are doing a great job with the overhaul and it seems that we hit the first beta version this month. I think they should get the whole thing stable this year and therefor we expect an site upgrade this year too.

After CMS upgrading you will find some nice new stuff on socialhams. The whole experience of navigating and content browsing turns into a more robust and logical way. Under the hood we get a bugfixed and optimised CMS. We can put more energy in coding additional HAM related functions and give the existing ones more usability.

As i told you several times i am working on a logbook module. And I am doing a good job there ;)
I expect to get the module ready before the CMS upgrade is done, so we can get the new site online with the working logbook. I have plans to extend the functions of the logbook step by step.

Enough of words ... let pictures speak ...


This is the new homepage, you can see the QSO map and the new outline block. All existing QSOs are displayed at the map. More details will follow later. Remember that this is a test site and not all CMS functions are activated.


You can see the main logbook page. You get a list of all existing QSOs and the same map as on the homepage.


This is the way a QSO is displayed at the moment. You can see both operator locations on the map and a yellow line connecting this two. The same line is on the Public QSO map also, so if you zoom the Public QSO map you will see what map markers were involved in the QSO.


This are the QSO details. Some QSO data is automatically assigned at QSO creation. Fields that are not entered at adding are not displayed here. You can edit the QSO everytime you want or need to but you cant change the callsign of the logged station.


Thats it for now. Hopefully you like this news and dont hesitate to contact me on feedback!


vy 73 de Andreas


PS: I was to lazy writing a german version too ;)

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