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02.04.2019 0 comments From IZ1HVD — A.I.R.S. Sezione Valli di Lanzo, IQ1YY
31.03.2019 0 comments From IZ1HVD — A.I.R.S. Associazione Italiana Radioamatori Sperimentatori
31.03.2019 0 comments From IZ1HVD — Create Morse code audio files from custom text. Creates real sine wave audio pleasing your ears!
10.04.2017 0 comments From YT9TP — Portal Amateurfunk in der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia
12.09.2016 0 comments From DK3CW — Licensed in May 1989 Amateur Radio expanded my interest in CB Radio in respect of HF radio work and the prospect of world wide contacts. As well as HF I work 6m, 2m & 70cm but my main priority is the HF bands.My attention atm is taken up with BPSK31, the main reason is my hearing is not as good …
07.07.2016 0 comments From G7EZH — Kidderminster Repeater Group (Incorporating WyrePak) is a non-profit organisation responsible for the maintenance of the GB3KD 144MHz & GB3KC 70cm  VOIP Repeaters, and Kidder Link simplex gateway, plus the KIDDER packet radio node and GB7PZT bulletin board system.The ancient market town of Kidde…
07.07.2016 0 comments From G7EZH — Welcome to the World Wide Amateur Radio Guild!  It is our mission to promote the amateur radio hobby to those interested in radio communications.  We welcome licensed and non-licensed operators, giving those with an interest the opportunity to gain experience in radio communications, theory, technol…
25.02.2016 0 comments From KG4KUC — Amateurfunk. Das Amateur Radio Magazin auf Flipboard, mit tausenden Artikeln aus der gesamten Welt des Amateurfunks.
23.02.2016 0 comments From OE1WKL — Ich bin Mitautor auf dem Blog Einige Titel meiner Beiträge: Wir sind die Amateurfunker! Joe, K1JT, und die Gravitationswellen. Amateurfunk im Aufwind. Radio Hacking. Software Defined Radios (SDR) - ...
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