All Sites — Dutch hamradio website. Just a small place to find some information about our hobby
21.01.2021 0 comments From PD8B — Hamradio Enthusiast. I like CW, DMR, QRP, SSB, Portable and Digital Modes. QRV on HF, VHF, UHF.
25.10.2020 0 comments From F5GIT — Site Radioamateur et Informatique de Tony F5GIT
25.10.2020 0 comments From F5GIT — STEM Ham Radio is a project undertaken by Charles Rich (AK4SR) to help schools start their own ham radio clubs.
27.05.2020 0 comments From AK4SR — Amateur radio (or ham radio) support for the National Weather Service is provided by trained spotters across the country working with each area office to provide 'ground truth' reporting of severe weather events that many times are not detected by Doppler radar and other tools. Working with local em…
31.12.2019 0 comments From KB9LXH — When All Else Fails… Amateur Radio works to provide emergency communications for people in times of disaster or other humanitarian crises
31.12.2019 0 comments From KB9LXH — SWARL - Short Wave Amateur Radio Listening
02.04.2019 0 comments From IZ1HVD — A.I.R.S. Sezione Valli di Lanzo, IQ1YY
31.03.2019 0 comments From IZ1HVD — A.I.R.S. Associazione Italiana Radioamatori Sperimentatori
31.03.2019 0 comments From IZ1HVD — Create Morse code audio files from custom text. Creates real sine wave audio pleasing your ears!
10.04.2017 0 comments From YT9TP

The community with that certain extra

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    APRS Caching

    Geocaching of a different kind

  • 02
    Online Logbuch

    Manage you QSO's directly on socialhams and share it with your friends

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    DX Cluster

    Use the worlds first HTML5 based cluster on your mobile device too

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    Elmer's Corner

    Become an Elmer today and share your knowledge with interested parties