Browse Sites By Category: Amateur Radio — Create Morse code audio files from custom text. Creates real sine wave audio pleasing your ears!
10.04.2017 0 comments From YT9TP — Portal Amateurfunk in der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia
12.09.2016 0 comments From DK3CW — Licensed in May 1989 Amateur Radio expanded my interest in CB Radio in respect of HF radio work and the prospect of world wide contacts. As well as HF I work 6m, 2m & 70cm but my main priority is the HF bands.My attention atm is taken up with BPSK31, the main reason is my hearing is not as good …
07.07.2016 0 comments From G7EZH — Kidderminster Repeater Group (Incorporating WyrePak) is a non-profit organisation responsible for the maintenance of the GB3KD 144MHz & GB3KC 70cm  VOIP Repeaters, and Kidder Link simplex gateway, plus the KIDDER packet radio node and GB7PZT bulletin board system.The ancient market town of Kidde…
07.07.2016 0 comments From G7EZH — Amateurfunk. Das Amateur Radio Magazin auf Flipboard, mit tausenden Artikeln aus der gesamten Welt des Amateurfunks.
23.02.2016 0 comments From OE1WKL — Ich bin Mitautor auf dem Blog Einige Titel meiner Beiträge: Wir sind die Amateurfunker! Joe, K1JT, und die Gravitationswellen. Amateurfunk im Aufwind. Radio Hacking. Software Defined Radios (SDR) - ...
23.02.2016 0 comments From OE1WKL — A site about Amateur Radio (ham radio), maintained by Willi Kraml.
23.02.2016 0 comments From OE1WKL — HamClock is quite simple Android application for amateur radio operators. It’s purpose is to help hams working portable. It acts as two head clock, displaying local and UTC time. In addition, it allows user to type in some notes that could be displayed along with current date and time information. …
23.12.2015 0 comments From YT9TP — Cool way to skip ;)
19.12.2015 0 comments From IU0DFT — The entire month of December several youngsters will become active with YOTA as suffix in the callsign. The idea for this is to show the amateur radio hobby to youth and to encourage youngsters to be active on the ham radio waves. Amateur Radio Union of Serbia provided special call YT15YOTA which w…
01.12.2015 0 comments From YT9TP

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    APRS Caching

    Geocaching of a different kind

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