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31.07.2015 0 comments From OE7TWI — Personal blog of YT9TP onvarious topic related to his interests
21.04.2015 0 comments From YT9TP — My Personal Weather Station.
20.02.2015 0 comments From KB2SBX — Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften, Technik Unsere Welt ist geprägt durch Naturwissenschaft und Technik. Bildung in den Bereichen Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik (MINT) ist eine notwendige Voraussetzung, um die moderne Welt zu verstehen, in ihr zu bestehen, und Herausf…
18.02.2015 0 comments From DL4KAL — Computer Consultant. Retired TV Engineer. Former Manager of the SimTel Software Archive. Amateur Radio w8sdz.
14.11.2014 0 comments From W8SDZ — The best forum for any radio amateur or short wave listener to chat about the fascinating hobby of Amateur Radio!
03.06.2013 0 comments From KD8RKE — This is my new site. I have been working on it since January 2012. It is still not finished. Any comments would be appreciated.
02.06.2013 0 comments From KD8RKE — operating system
30.05.2013 0 comments From OE7TWI — Inspired by nature: In the Bionic Learning Network, a cooperation between Festo and renowned universities, institutes and development companies, principles from nature provide fresh impulse for technology and industrial applications.
26.03.2013 0 comments From OE8APR — 3.5 MHz - SSB / CW receiver
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The community with that certain extra

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    APRS Caching

    Geocaching of a different kind

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    Online Logbuch

    Manage you QSO's directly on socialhams and share it with your friends

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    DX Cluster

    Use the worlds first HTML5 based cluster on your mobile device too

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    Elmer's Corner

    Become an Elmer today and share your knowledge with interested parties