Browse Sites By Tag: aprs — Dies ist ein privater Blog, in dem ich meine Bastelarbeiten dokumentiere. Hier geht es hauptsächlich um den Selbstbau im Amateurfunk.
23.10.2015 0 comments From OE7MBT — Übersicht der Relaisfunkstelle DB0FTS   D-Star Phonie Echolink APRS
08.10.2014 0 comments From DJ1JAY — Robust Packet Network tells everything about APRS on HF using RPR Modulation. Robust Packet Network's website is representing the European ham radio operators working in this sector. Anyway cooperation with other hams worldwide have started around this homepage. Find a small manual as PDF explaining…
03.05.2014 0 comments From DF8LS — APRS von HF/VHF - Winlink - APRSlink - D-Star Find frequency databases for ICOM ID-5100E, ID-E880 & Kenwood TM-D710E as free download. Find basic and advanced information about APRS. Find further links concerning Robust Packet Radio and APRS on  
03.05.2014 0 comments From DF8LS — Great aprs site from Hessu 
30.05.2013 0 comments From OE7TWI

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