Top Rated Sites — Kids talk to the ISS, an educational hamfest, transferring a CAD drawing to a PC board with toner, and more.
04.05.2012 0 comments From N6MMH — German Amateur Radio Station DL1OFC
24.04.2012 1 comments From DL1OFC — This is my website regarding to the ham radio hobby.
18.01.2012 1 comments From LA3JRA — my SOTA (Summits On The Air) Videopage on Youtube
17.01.2012 0 comments From OE5HCE — Tune into the 2 meter repeater for the GrubGrabbers' net every morning at 7...
28.12.2011 0 comments From N6MMH — Great call sign look-up site without data-guzzling knick-knacks.
13.12.2011 0 comments From N6MMH — Amateur radio (or ham radio) support for the National Weather Service is provided by trained spotters across the country working with each area office to provide 'ground truth' reporting of severe weather events that many times are not detected by Doppler radar and other tools. Working with local em…
31.12.2019 0 comments From KB9LXH — When All Else Fails… Amateur Radio works to provide emergency communications for people in times of disaster or other humanitarian crises
31.12.2019 0 comments From KB9LXH — Started in 2003 by Steve Muncy (NI5V), MacHamRadio is a site intended to promote ham software for Mac OS X.
07.11.2015 0 comments From IU0DFT — Welcome to ON6ZQ's web site.
03.11.2015 1 comments From ON6ZQ

The community with that certain extra

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    APRS Caching

    Geocaching of a different kind

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    Online Logbuch

    Manage you QSO's directly on socialhams and share it with your friends

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    DX Cluster

    Use the worlds first HTML5 based cluster on your mobile device too

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    Elmer's Corner

    Become an Elmer today and share your knowledge with interested parties