HamClock is quite simple Android application for amateur radio operators. It’s purpose is to help hams working portable.

It acts as two head clock, displaying local and UTC time. In addition, it allows user to type in some notes that could be displayed along with current date and time information.

Purpose of notes is for user to enter some data about portable location like name, QTH locator or other designations used for various activations (SOTA, WCA, WFF, IOTA or other). Those information I repeatedly give to corespondents in contacts and I like to have them in sight all the time.

Notes may be saved for later use, and user may have as many different notes as he needs, meaning, if ham comes to some location, he can just load already prepared note regarding that location, whether it is left from previous visit to the same location or prepared at home.

All contents is displayed in large font size so it is easily readable.

HamClock is free application. There are no nags and no ads. There is no commercial version. It requires no permissions,  it does not collect any personal data or share anything with anyone.

Detailed description is avilable at

You may download HamClock from Google Market. Feel free to comment here.
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