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CHAT room

I would like to see a exteneded chat room service here. Have a few "MAIN" chat rooms, and allow user to create a chat room. Make them private with passwords, or priviate with invites only, public access.

Maybe to have a chat room more then 30 days, it would need to be a paid for service, to help support the need bandwidth.

I would think a private chat room should of course support VOIP at a good quailty. This would allow VOIP to RF chats. Maybe set aside some RF audio listen only rooms.


Thank you, KC7IDO

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did you ever try the video chat?
07.06.2012 · posted by OE8APR
  •  DL4HAO: 

    I would prefer a simple text chat ... because I have only internet by Cell-Phone with limited traffic volume.

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    •  OE8APR: 

      you can chat with one person directly per text with the messenger function ... you can find it on the profile page of your wanted chat partner.

      you can disable the video and audio functions in the A/V chat also.

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Richfield, Utah, USA - DM38ws
07.06.2012 (07.06.2012)
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