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SOTA is an amateur radio activity, which is specifically designed for shortwave enthusiasts. Hams are awarded based on their contribution and score earned. Today, SOTA is one of the most popular activities among amateur radio operators.
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05.10.2016 · From OE8APR
Amateur Radio has been an awesome hobby as well as a service for millions across the globe. Several organizations are working in different countries to ensure that its craze never falls down; therefore, many activities and contests are developed for hams.
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27.06.2016 · From OE8APR
Emergency Operation is one of the basic, yet important operations of Amateur Radio. There are two types of emergency operation services in amateur radio. First service is ARES (ARRL Arm of Emergency Service), and the second one is RACES (The Government body of amateur emergency service).
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20.06.2016 · From OE8APR
There was a time when transceivers only had buttons to control their functioning. Radio amateurs have given the term Computer Aided Transceiver (CAT) to a very specific device. With that CAT interface, the time has changed. You may need a USB to RS232 adapter to connect your PC to a CAT device.
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03.06.2016 · From OE8APR
Ham Radio contesting is a radio sport in which hams participate in a competition to score as much as they can to secure a winning position. In this competition, a ham radio operator has to contact other amateur radio stations within a given time scale.
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01.06.2016 · From OE8APR
Today, we will take you through an overview of Amateur radio activities so that you can get a deeper idea about this radio, its functioning, and more. Before we move ahead, let us first take you back with an overview of this radio.
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08.05.2016 · From OE8APR
Ham radio, also known as Amateur radio, is a way of communication that people use as a hobbyist, as a helper, and as a well-wisher. With this radio, an Amateur radio operator (called Ham) talks to people in a group, across town, and across the world. They can even send signals to the Moon.
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08.05.2016 · From OE8APR
Ham Radio has come out as a special service for people across the globe that gives them a reason to connect with the people around them, across the town, or across the world.
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