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Basic Antenna Calculator (Work-in-progress)
Categories: Antennas 
29.04.2012 · From N0FJ
Calculator for all of your favorite power formulas
Categories: Other 
29.04.2012 · From N0FJ
Kabel für Wouxun KG-UVD1(P) an OpenTracker von ARGENT
Categories: APRS 
23.04.2012 · From DL1CPA
PSK31 Guide
Categories: Digital 
27.05.2012 · From N0FJ
Great tutorial video about Multimeter basics from
Categories: Basics 
23.05.2012 · From N0FJ
A guide on how to use this great DXing tool!
18.08.2012 · From N0FJ
Einbau oder wechsel einer Kombiantenne Opel Insignia Sportstourer/Buick Regal
Categories: Funkgeräteeinbau 
13.10.2012 · From DJ1JAY
It showed up quite easy to build simple universal multirig CAT adapter.
Categories: Cables and Connections 
11.11.2014 · From YT9TP
Little description of "How to use socialhams APRS features"
Categories: socialhams features APRS 
04.08.2012 · From OE8APR
A quick guide to understanding propagation beacons and beacon maps
04.11.2012 · From N0FJ
DXing is a process of searching, listening and operating far ham radio stations. These are the radio stations that are far away, making it hard for a DXer (a person who does Dxing) to find and operate such a station.
Categories: Beginners 
19.05.2016 · From OE8APR
Ham Radio contesting is a radio sport in which hams participate in a competition to score as much as they can to secure a winning position. In this competition, a ham radio operator has to contact other amateur radio stations within a given time scale.
Categories: Beginners 
01.06.2016 · From OE8APR
There was a time when transceivers only had buttons to control their functioning. Radio amateurs have given the term Computer Aided Transceiver (CAT) to a very specific device. With that CAT interface, the time has changed. You may need a USB to RS232 adapter to connect your PC to a CAT device.
Categories: Beginners 
03.06.2016 · From OE8APR
Spiderpole 12m made by Spiderbeam is very useful for portable ham radio activities. To do the job it must be properly anchored. I decided to use guying lines. If you do not buy guying belt sold by pole manufacturer that is the only part you have to home-brew.
Categories: Antennas 
23.06.2017 · From YT9TP
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