As you may already know our community have some nifty APRS features. Below you will find some hints on how you can use it!



Beside the APRS Map on each members profile there is a generally useable APRS Map existing. You can search for a callsign location of your choice. If you enter a callsign without a SSID the search mechanism will search for SSID 0-15 and returns the first result found. If you search for a callsign with SSID it will display the location only if the exact callsign is found.


APRS Messenger

Another useful function is the APRS messenger. You can send APRS messages to your befriend OM's right away from socialhams website. You just have to enter the destination callsign and your message - the APRS messenger will to the rest for you! Your message gets send per APRS-IS gateway and the routing to the entered destination is done automatically by the APRS protocol. As little extra to the messenger feature you are able to update your socialhams profile status with a simple APRS message addressed to SOCIALH directly from your amateur radio or any other device that supports APRS messaging. Our messenger also supports message acknowlegment and rejecting.


APRS tracks export

You can easily export your APRS tracks to KML or GPX files. The interface should be self explaining.



You as socialhams member are able now to send emails with your APRS enabled device. Just send a APRS message with the destination SOCIALH and receivers_email:your_message as message content. Everything else is done by the gateway automatically. The ":" is important because it acts as a delimiter between each part.

The email will look as follows:

Subject: Your message from SRCCALLSIGN


This email was sent by APRS2MAIL gateway of



As we have APRS2MAIL, we also support the other way around. You can send APRS messages even if you have no APRS enabled device in reach. Sending an email message to with SRCCALLSIGN:message:DESTINATION as subject will do the trick. The ":" is important because it acts as a delimiter between each part.


Have fun testing all this stuff and dont hesitate to contact me on problems or other feedback!

vy 73 de Andreas

  •  YO3FVR: 

    The status update via APRS message worked initially, but after I made some tries with APRS2MAIL, the service seems to be stoped, because I didn't receive the ACKs anymore. Sorry ! :-(

     18.11.20141 replies1 replies 
    1 point
    •  OE8APR: 

      It should work now, i was able to see where the problem is thanks to your testing!

      0 points
  •  YO3FVR: 

    Hi Andreas !

    I'm a great fan and an active user of APRS network. So, I'm happy to test these feature :-). Best 73!

    1 point
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