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AlexLoops on 40 meters
Magloop antenna built by PY1AHD - Alex:http://www.alexloop.comThis video shows the SWR measurement for the 40 meters band using AlexLoop MagLoop Antenna with 3 different radios.Yaesu FT-817nd: TS-480 SAT: KX3: also used an analyzer from iPortable. iP30Z: - Tiago's QRZ Page - Ricardo's QRZ Page - Bruno's QRZ PageDarrin Walraven (K5DVW) article "Undestanding SWR by example": found on iP30Z:PT2EBR's = 1.4:1 SWRPU2BRU's = 1.4:1 SWR (varying to 1.5)PU2CLR's = 1.2:1 SWR (varying to 1.3)Values found on radios:PT2EBR's = no SWR bars on FT817ndPU2BRU's = 1.1:1 on TS480SATPU2CLR's = 1.2:1 on Elecraft KX3HAMBSB - Brasilia HamRadio Group
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