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Arduino, IR and Encoder controlling Magnetic Loop Antenna Tuner
Link to download the documentation to this project: video presents a Magnetic Loop antenna controlled by an Arduino, Infrared and Encoder.The controller system receives a command via infrared transmitter similar to a TV remote control.Also, you can control the antenna tuner via a Encoder with push button. The push button of the Encoder enable or disable the fine tune function. You also can enable or disable fine tune via infrared remote control.There is a circuit responsible for the infrared receiver coupled to the Arduino.Every action performed on the remote control is sent to the Arduino and treated by a program I developed specially to control the servo. That way I can move the capacitor clockwise and counterclockwise. The main motivation to make a remote control for Magnetic Loop Antenna is to improve the performance tuning process. I have observed that when we operate close to the antenna, in general, it affects the accuracy.Operate away from the antenna decreases exposure to the electromagnetic field and also the risks with the high voltage of the capacitor.This Magnetic Loop has 100cm (one meter) of diameter. The capacitor used in this Antenna Tuner covers from 6 to 35 pF.The set, Antenna and Antena Tuner covers 16-29 MHz.My Magnetic Loop antenna was based on models collected on the Internet. In particular, I used the instructions and tips from Alex (PY1AHD), which sells this kind of antenna with a better look than showed in this video (see also "Antenna Tuner controlled by Arduino and Android via bluetooth" - can see more about Magnetic Loop Antennas accessing these URLs: videos:
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