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Peaberry SDR Kit working with Windows 7 and HDSDR
This video shows a Peaberry SDR kit working on Windows 7 and HDSDR. The antenna used was a dipole installed on the floor. In first analysis it does not seem to make much sense to use a magnetic loop antenna with SDR because it has a high "Q". In other words, its bandwidth is very narrow, opposing some of the best characteristics of the SDR that is able to monitor a wide spectrum of frequencies in receiving mode.But in my case, the magnetic loop antenna has been a good option for SDR operation indoors.Peaberry SDR Kit is an HF transceiver kit designed by the Free and Open Source amateur radio community. You choose to build it for the 160m, 80m/40m, 40m/30m/20m or 30m/20m/17m bands.See more about Peaberry SDR Kit on website.Watch more videos about this subject:Softrock SDR and Loop Antenna Controlled by Arduino - and Install T1 (Softrock Ensemble VHF RX II) - T2 (Softrock Ensemble VHF RX II) - SDR Kit working with Macbook Pro and DSP Radio -, PU2CLR.Ricardo.Brazil / Brasilia QRZ:
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