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Ten meters, two elements Yagi Antenna from Buddipole parts
This video shows the construction of a Yagi antenna for 10 meters from Buddipole component parts. Including the 6 meters Yagi Buddipole kit. To do that I used two extra Buddipole arms with 11" (27,9 cm). Ideally each extra Buddipole arm should be 22" (55,9 cm), according to B. Scott Andersen, NE1RD.Buddipole components parts used in this video: . Buddipole VersaTee. Two collar. Two IT adapter. Adapter for the master . Two whips with 236 cm (driven element). Two whips with 256 cm (reflector element). Two arms with 55,9 cm . Two arms with 27,9 cm (should be 55,9 cm for better performance). Tripot used for spotlight . A 1/2" PVC tube to adapter the arms to the master (see video)Reading teh book BUDDIPOLE IN THE FIELD, by Scoott you will see amaizing extra information about this subject. See references bellow.References: 1. BUDDIPOLE IN THE FIELD by B. Scott Andersen, NE1RD Foreword by Chris Drummond, W6HFP BUDDIPOLE, Inc.2. Yagi-Uda antenna - Buddipole Yagi kit: Buddipole 2 Element 6M Yagi - Yahoo - 6m Yagi 3 element - Yahoo - Portable 28 MHz (10 Meter) 2 Element Beam Using 102" Steel Whips -
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