Understanding Geophysics and its importance for Hams

What is Geophysics?

Geophysics is the physical science that integrates Geology, Mathematics, and Physics to help scientists and other people understand the nature of earth, its environment, and locations. In order to better understand the nature of earth and its functioning, Geophysics requires a sequence of mathematics, Physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, and oceanography.

Geophysics is related to the properties of Earth, including its size, its depth, its shape, its fields (gravitational and magnetic), and so on. It relates to the elements of physics, including Gravity, Heat flow, Vibrations, Magnetism, Electricity, Electromagnetic waves, Radioactivity, Fluid Dynamics, and Minerals. Getting information about these elements in context to Earth helps understand Geophysics in an easy manner.

Importance of Geophysics

Geophysics in an interdisciplinary physical science, as it incorporates Physics, Mathematics, Geology, and Chemistry. Listed below are some of its benefits:

  • Due to the involvement of Physics, Mathematics, Geology, and Chemistry, Geophysics helps understand and explore the physical properties of earth and its materials like rock, water, air, etc.
  • It helps identify the sources of the volcano, sources of coal, and sources of several other types of materials hidden in the earth.
  • It also helps identify and measure earthquake, explosion, etc.
  • It is Geophysics due to which scientists are able to pre-determine earthquake, explosions, and other such happenings.

These are some of the top benefits among others. As you see the benefits are many, let us see what a geophysicist does.

Roles of a Geophysicist

A person who studies geophysics and implements it is called Geophysicist. And, the roles of a Geophysicist depend upon the type of Geophysics he has been involved with. Listed below are the two types of geophysics:

  • Global
    • It is related to the study of earthquake, magnetic field, oceanography, earth’s thermal state, meteorology, and more. During the study, scientists learn about the functioning of earth, its magnetic structure, waves, etc. They learn how earthquakes originate, how to measure earthquake, and so on.
  • Exploration
    • Here physical activities are done to find out sources of oil, coal, gas, water, minerals, etc. Finding the resources of such valuable elements is not an easy task. It demands a lot of hard work, digging, knowledge, and experience.

How a Ham can be benefited with Geophysics?

Studying Geophysics or gathering important information related to it, its facts, its benefits, and its importance is not actually required for a Ham. However, if you have some good knowledge about the Earth, its elements, and its properties, then it will be an added advantage for you as a Ham radio operator. You will be able to identify the situations around you, and provide information about the same to your listeners.

Here you can find some geophysical data for your local area aswell as any point in the world ...

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