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Now socialhams is supporting crosspostings to Twitter / Ab jetzt unterstützt socialhams Crosspostings zu Twitter
245 days ago
socialhams will support crossposting with Twitter shortly / socialhams wird zukünftig Crossposts mit Twitter unterstützen
293 days ago
After some testing the new DXCluster module got released / Nach einer kurzen Testphase wurde das neue DXCluster Modul veröffentlicht
300 days ago
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6 days ago
Preparing our special event station OE3J for the upcoming "Jamboree-on-the-air 2014" at 18th/19th of October 2014. We will be active on shortwave and VHF/UHF as well. More about the JOTA you will find at www.telescout.org
7 days ago
Together - not against each other! / Miteinander - nicht gegeneinander!
8 days ago
25 days ago
Hello my Twitter friends, this is a short test from socialhams!
26 days ago
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Amateurfunk ein Hobby das ausstirbt? Ich würde das ganze mal mit „Jein“ beantworten wollen.
194 days ago
Linux kernel 3.13 has been released
238 days ago
Visopsys - one of the few hobby operating systems that survived where virtually all the others (SkyOS, Syllable, etc.) died out.
238 days ago
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2 days ago
HamRadioCoin, or HAM on exchanges, is a project dedicated to creating an alternative way to spread the word about the Ham Radio community.  Our top priorities are to help new merchants become establis…
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6 days ago
19 days ago
27 days ago
40 days ago
Neueinrichtung meines Funkkoffer.
52 days ago
53 days ago
54 days ago
Paul-K8PG just climbed tower
57 days ago
60 days ago
74 days ago
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