Khalid, A61BK did it. He has successfully integrated socialhams ADIF Real-time interface to his BK Log software. As with v1.39, BK Log is now fully supporting the Real-time ADIF import feature of socialhams online logbook function. From now on, all socialhams users that also uses BK Log can instantly inject all QSOs into socialhams online logbook in real time to share their band activity with their friends.

I want to send out a big thank you to Khalid for his awesome work!

For everyone that did not even hear about this ADIF Real-time interface, here are some words about it:

The ADIF Real-time Interface adds the possibility to directly add your QSOs to socialhams right out of your favorite logging program. We have focused at holding engineering time for logging application developers as short as possible. Therefore we use the same concept as for its ADIF Real-time Interface. This should make it possible to integrate that feature with a few lines of code if the service is supported already by your logging software.

If you want to benefit from that feature, I encourage you to use BK Log as your future logging software or get in touch with the developer of your favorite logging program to get socialhams ADIF Real-time interface implemented.

You can find specifications to the ADIF interface here:

vy 73 de Andreas

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