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Am 16. Juni sind wieder weltweit Kinder auf den Amateurfunkfrequenzen zu hören
Am 16. Juni 2012 findet der sechste internationale Kid`s Day statt
He has to listen closely to hear through the static, but University of Pittsburgh student Geoff Wolf can just barely make out the strained beeps of Morse code.
Hurricanes, fires, floods, and earthquakes happen, but you can count on amateur (or ham) radio to provide vital links to agencies and city services such as fire, police and ambulance.
Before the event officially began, there was plenty to do as members of both clubs readied a number of radio set-ups.
AS Adam Romanchuk spun the dial, the radio sputtered, crackled and finally rang clear. "Hi, my name is Emily!" a voice chirped from the speaker.
Would you or your kids enjoy talking live on ham radio with other kids around the country?
At first, the idea of talking on a ham radio seems almost primitive.

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